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QuietMatrix™ CORE

Discrete Pad Floating Floor System

  • Reduces Flanking Noise

  • Low Durometer

  • With Self-Adhesive Backing

QuietMatrix™ CORE is a discrete pad floating floor rollout system, providing a very high level of sound isolation. The system consists of our proprietary Cleansulation™ batt insulation and DOT low dynamic stiffness isolators.

CORE is most suitable when low frequency structure-borne sound and airborne sound isolation are desired. It is available with various pad spacings and isolator heights to allow for a project-specific design.

QUSTICS Cleansulation™ and QUSTICS DOT components provide unique characteristics that benefit your project's degree of sustainability, structural integrity, and acoustical performance.

Key Features:

Low Dynamic Stiffness Isolators

Degressive Deflection



Made from Recycled Materials

Datasheet - Placeholder.jpg
Data Sheet
Specification - Placeholder.jpg
Installation Guidelines - Placeholder.jpg
Installation Guidelines

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