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QuietClip™ CIC

Channel Isolation Clip

  • Reduces Sound Transmission through Wall &  Ceiling Assemblies

  • Integrated Failsafe to avoid Overcompression

  • Extra Low Durometer Elastomer

  • UL94 V-0 compliant

QUSTICS QuietClip CIC (channel isolation clip) is used to improve the sound transmission performance of wall and ceiling assemblies. The low dynamic stiffness rubber bushing decouples the hat channel and gypsum board assembly from the studs and reduces vibration transmission into the structure.

CIC has an integrated failsafe steel spacer that prevents over-compression of the resilient isolator while preventing acoustical short circuits. The green rubber decoupler has been specifically developed to meet UL94 fire safety regulations.

CIC is compatible with 7/8” furring channel, 25 gauge, and uses a single fastener per isolation clip for fast and convenient installation.

QuietClip™ CIC is installed using:

- wood framing: #8 x 2-1/2" coarse thread screw

- steel framing: # 8 x 1-5/8" self tapping fine thread screw

Follow the installation instructions and layout guideline drawings to determine the required isolator spacing.

In light of QUSTICS’ mission for increased sustainability, CIC is made from partially recycled contents.

Key Features:

✅ Clips on Standard Hat Channel

✅ Low-Profile System

✅ Fire Resistant Isolator

✅ Low Dynamic Stiffness

✅ Galvanized Steel Bracket

Datasheet - Placeholder.jpg
Data Sheet
Specification - Placeholder.jpg
Installation Guidelines - Placeholder.jpg
Installation Guidelines
1-2 Layers GWB Staggered, Layout Guide
1-2 Layers GWB, Wall Detail
3 Layers GWB, Wall Detail
1-2 Layers GWB, Penetration Details
3 Layers GBW, Wall Elevation
Corner Wall Details

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